Communication tools that suit the modern day needs of your sales team


A new way for effective team communication

Best of email and chat togehter in a new way of communication which is faster, more intuitive.

Suitable for a friendly discussion over common interest to much more serious sales review meet. Our mail chat is simply awesome.

All chats are searchable without losing the context.


Public and private groups

An organisation works both in a transparent and secretive mode. We supportboth. If you are trying to close a sales deal and very few are involved make yourgroup private else make public for everyone to join.

Membership to private groups are only by invitation. Public groups are searchableand open for all to join.


Not all groups communicate the same way.

Some groups may be just for news and updates on brands and products. some created by sales managers to interacteasily with their team, and few groups for the team to reach out to the leadership team and the communication may need moderation.

One-Way communication

  • For updated on products and brands
  • Company and team news
  • Announcements

Two-Way communication

  • For teams to discuss and collaborate
  • For remote team reviews
  • Ask questions

Moderated communication

  • Social learning
  • Town hall discussions

Opinion polls, surveys

Collect feedback and responses that matter to business and teams.

Whether its knowing the pulse of the team or collecting competitor information.or even a simple quiz, rapport helps you get more responses, faster.

Customers who trust rapport to engage their team

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