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Everything you need to communicate, engage & accelerate sales team performance

Sales Contest

A platform to kick start an inclusive sales engaging competition where you can:

Compete as an individual
Compete with your team
Compete with everyone.

Accelerate sales by creating sustainable sales contests with our highly engaging platform.

Get a personalized glimpse of individual and team performances.

Communicate & Collaborate

Communicate with team members in public and private modes.

Broadcast messages to groups and individuals.

Collaborative platform for users to connect with team members, share achievements, improve performances and work together.

Appreciate &

Instant gratification by teams and individuals.

Get notified for completing milestones and achieving targets.

Customize appreciations to appreciate individuals and members within the team.

Role based, weightage for appreciation.

Rewards &
Incentive Management

Earn rewards for activities performed with our incentive management system.

Redeem the earned points from activities and achievements to avail different offers.


Social Learning
on Mobile

A platform for teams and individuals to share content, learn from discussions and ask questions.

Publish PDF’s, videos, audio and images directly from you mobile.

Get access to offline content.


With our data analytics we transform data into real time performance dashboards.

Actionable insights into effective and productive sales review.


Drive through our real time stats to know user engagement and map their performances based on competencies.

Track the number of submissions, conversions , achievement score and appreciations received.

Analytics for
better decisions

Gain insights into user behaviour and actions to derive weekly, monthly and overall performance highlights.

Our analytical result driven application provides a detailed view of user learning’s, performance ranks, best performer as well as user feedbacks.


Push notifications and automated messages to create reminders , monitor performances and review progress.

Form &

With automated forms and workflow manager we concentrate on best use of resources and focus on productivity.